Have you ever watched a small, passionate business overcome challenges and succeed when the odds are against them? While getting your feet off the ground may be tough, there are actually several advantages to marketing as an underdog. Here are a few reasons why customers love and support the underdogs, especially during difficult economic times:

  • Customers relate to the underdog’s passion and determination to succeed against the odds.
  • Underdogs often start local. By supporting them, you are also supporting your community.
  • Underdogs will work harder at keeping your loyalty, while business giants may view you as just another fish in the sea.
  • Underdogs often resolve any issues much faster and change rules or policies easily to better accommodate their customers.
  • Underdogs are often smaller and can take on creative opportunities or risks that business giants won’t consider.
  • Even if companies grow large, people identify with them easier when they understand the journey the company has had to endure along the way.

As Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” If your business has an encouraging story to tell about how your business persevered, share it in your marketing materials, website, blog, etc. Stories about overcoming adversity are a great way to connect and strengthen relationships with prospects and customers.