The Five Dollar Workday

Henry Ford, the famous Ford Motor Company founder, was known for many things. Among them was his role in promoting the assembly line as a viable means for mass-producing automobiles, a process that made cars more affordable for middle-class Americans. Ford had a global vision with consumerism as one of its centerpieces. He had an […]

Are You Doing Too Much?

Once a business is established, it’s common practice to add products and services in the name of diversification and the desire for more profits. It’s a wise business move to choose products and services that will appeal to customers you’re already doing business with. But what’s the point of diminishing returns? When does adding more […]

Your $325,000 Gift

Ivy Lee was born near Cedartown, Georgia, on July 16, 1877. The son of a Methodist minister, he studied at Emory College in Atlanta before graduating from Princeton University. He went on to found a PR firm, among many other accomplishments, before becoming a management consultant. About a hundred years ago, Bethlehem Steel found itself […]

What Declining Sales Really Mean

Many businesses are currently experiencing a decline in sales. Some owners and executives believe this is due to outside economic conditions. Although the economy may have some bearing, perhaps the real reasons for the decline are more fundamental issues that no one in the company wants to face. The economy has only masked the issues […]

Cicero’s Six Mistakes of Man

Some truths are timeless. Here are six from the Roman statesman Cicero. He called these “The Six Mistakes of Man,” and though written more than 2000 years ago, each is still applicable today. 1. The delusion that personal gain is made by crushing others While this may be true of Hollywood villains and reality show […]

3 Things Your Business Can Learn from a Chameleon

Chameleons are amazing creatures. And not just because they appear in a hit ’80s song or humorous word-nerd send-up. No, chameleons are amazing for three distinct reasons. And each relates (in its own small way) to business. 1. Chameleons adapt to changes surrounding them. While the common belief that chameleons change colors in order to […]

Staying on Course

The earth’s magnetic fields are in constant fluctuation. Earlier this year, The Independent (a London newspaper) reported that the magnetic north pole is “currently relocating towards Russia at a rate of about 40 miles a year.” According to the article, this speed “has increased by a third in the past decade” and represents a “faster […]

How do you measure up?

Industry ratios can be incredibly important tools for running your business. Knowing how you compare to other businesses that are your size and do what you do is pretty valuable. For example, if your company spends 10.9% of its budget on rent and you find out that most companies in your industry only spend 6.5%, […]