Marketing In an Us vs. Them World

In today’s competitive business world, many businesses market their products or services using comparisons. Comparison marketing can give your business the opportunity to highlight your advantages over the competition. However, when you compare your business to your competitors, it is important to focus less on the shortcomings of other companies and more on the benefits […]

The Marketing Magic Pill

It seems that everywhere we turn, we are being bombarded with the latest marketing “magic pill.” One person claims Facebook advertising is the cure-all elixir. Another trumpets YouTube videos as the best way to reach everyone. Others say tweeting, blogging, and texting coupons are proven methods to get your message out. With so much information […]

Marketing as an Underdog

Have you ever watched a small, passionate business overcome challenges and succeed when the odds are against them? While getting your feet off the ground may be tough, there are actually several advantages to marketing as an underdog. Here are a few reasons why customers love and support the underdogs, especially during difficult economic times: […]

It’s all about how you say it

Marketing that is misleading or deceptive is poor business practice. Not only will misleading marketing cause distrust, but it will also damage your company’s reputation. While the following can be used legitimately, here are a few of the top culprits that can often make marketing messages appear misleading: * Free. While the word “free” may […]

Are you making your customers feel left out?

Have you ever gotten excited over an advertised offer only to read the fine print that says something like “offer available to new customers only”? Many businesses focus their marketing efforts on generating new customers while forgetting the golden opportunity that repeat customers provide. Nearly every sale has a repeat potential. It is not only […]

Gender Wars In Online Marketing

Who do your products or services appeal to more: men or women? What does this have to do with your marketing message? Everything. Gender is an important consideration when creating an online marketing campaign. Even if men and women resent being stereotyped, there is no denying that fundamental gender differences affect how we shop and […]

The Difference Between Salad and Garbage

Dan Kennedy once said, “The difference between salad and garbage is timing.” The same concept is true with marketing. No matter how ripe and delectable your ideas, they can quickly become unwanted garbage if they are proposed to someone who’s not in the market for your products or services. Many businesses struggle to create a […]

Building it is not always enough to make them come

Many businesses work very hard to maximize search engine optimization on their websites. They then sit back and expect increased traffic flow. But SEO alone isn’t enough anymore. While SEO is a very important part of building a professional website, marketing is also crucial to the success of your site. Emphasize your web address on […]

Is your marketing all about you, or your customer?

I saw this story the other day. I’m not sure if it’s true, but either way, it provides a good allegory for marketing. One day, Karen Hughes, George W. Bush’s top communications aide, was walking along a beach. She looked up and saw a small plane towing an advertising banner. It read: “Jill come back. […]