I saw this headline a few days ago: “Coke recipe still safely under lock and key in Atlanta.” I clicked on it at once. When I went to read the article, I realized I’d been subject to link bait.

Link baiting is (in part) when you create a headline that is SO AMAZING your potential fish get caught on your hook. They just can’t help reading your article. In this case, it was the implication that Coke’s 125-year-old, top-secret recipe had been revealed.

People forget just how important headlines are. I’m not just talking about social media either. If your monthly newsletter has boring headlines, then how do you expect to hook YOUR fish? Writing counts. It counts on Facebook, in your blog, on Twitter, and most certainly on your printing. Boring newsletters are, well, boring.

Let me make you this offer: I will rescue you from boring headlines. When you call me, we can write some amazing headlines together. I have the experience. You have the newletter. Let’s get writing!

By the way, in case you’re interested in reading more about the story that inspired this post (the security of Coke’s secret recipe), here’s a link to a Reuters’ article detailing it all: