Who do your products or services appeal to more: men or women? What does this have to do with your marketing message? Everything.

Gender is an important consideration when creating an online marketing campaign. Even if men and women resent being stereotyped, there is no denying that fundamental gender differences affect how we shop and make buying decisions. Here are a few important points to keep in mind for gender-specific marketing:

* Men are more likely to use the Internet for entertainment — to read the news, check sports scores, download music, and read political information. Women are more likely to use the Internet as a research tool — to research health issues and participate in informational support group websites.

* Men prefer simple marketing, with a focus on how your product or service fixes a problem. Women desire lots of detailed information and emotional cues that connect your product or service to other things in their lives.

* Men often make quick decisions, while women need plenty of time to make a choice. When women feel pressured to make a purchase, they will often disregard the offer altogether.

* Men are more willing to seek out well-known brand names, regardless of the price. Women often enjoy comparison shopping and bargain hunting.

While marketing shouldn’t become a battle of the sexes game, just remembering a few extra details that appeal to men versus women can often help you make or break a sale.