Dan Kennedy once said, “The difference between salad and garbage is timing.”

The same concept is true with marketing. No matter how ripe and delectable your ideas, they can quickly become unwanted garbage if they are proposed to someone who’s not in the market for your products or services.

Many businesses struggle to create a winning combination of the right customer, right offer, right channel, and right timing. While these are all important ingredients in the marketing mix, timing is often the most important factor. No matter how good your offer may be, if your customer isn’t in the market for your product or service, you message may be ignored or pushed aside.

The key to successful marketing is to create messaging that not only piques the interest of those ready to purchase today, but also builds top-of-mind awareness and curiosity for those who may be in the market tomorrow.

Now think about your marketing messages. How can you create more salad and less garbage?